What we do

We are Abnormal. Not genius.

But we love Einstein’s saying: “Genius is making complex ideas simple, not making simple ideas complex.”


How we bring value to business in a challenging environment with the relevant products and services to the target audience?

• What business objectives do we need to support?
• How should we add value to your business and to whom?
• What does the competitive, macroeconomics and trend landscape look like?
• What metrics determine the Picture of Success?
• Do you have the right portfolio to win?
• How can PR bring additional value to business?


How do we grow revenue in a sustainable and profitable way?

• How do we map the best opportunites?
• Do we have the right portfolio for profitable growth and how do we priortize SKUs across channels?
• What is the highest price our shoopers are willing to pay and how do we optimise the promotions?
• How do we influence the shoppers across the channels?
• How do we collaborate with customers to bring more value to everyone?


How do we grow volume and value by alligning our offerings with the shopper & consumer needs?

• How do we sell more with higher prices?
• Why Occassion based marketing is a starting point?
• Do we have the rights packs in the right channels with the right price?
• How do we optimise the OBPPC elements to achive great results?
• What is the role of Marketing, Sales and other supporting functions within the process?


How do we turn buyers into shoppers?

• How do we define the opportunity focus?
• Who is our shopper and/or consumer?
• What are the true shopper’s missions, motivations and consumption occassions?
• How do shoppers interact with our brand within the channels?
• How do shoppers behave in different channels?


How do we occupy specific emotional and rational territories to drive brand affinity and revenue?

• What is the Purpose of your brand in the minds & hearts of the audience?
• Is your brand rooted in Product Truth, Human Truth, does it have clear values, a unique personality and the right Tone of Voice?
• What is the territory you want to play and emotional space you want to occupy?
• Are there more revenue opportunities on the market or “untapped territories to tackle”, in terms of proposition, pricing or channels?
• How do we balance between brand & revenue growth?
• What is the role of PR in supporting the brand?


How do we efficiently bring the right message to the right people using the right communication channel?

• How can communication contribute to achieving business goals and ambition?
• What is our main communication objective & supporting evidence?
• What is the optimal messaging hierarchy to reach, motivate and engage the audience?
• Does a brand have the potential to create talkability among relevant stakeholders?
• How do we balance between owned, paid, earned and shared media?
• Is there a unique asset/property we can leverage to strengthen our credibility?
• How do I measure and track my success?


How do we make the audience fall in love with us?

• How do we create a clear, simple, impactful and scalable CCI across different touchpoints?
• Is the CCI liquid enough to grow through time, so the investment behind it can be optimized YoY?
• Is it disruptive enough to break the media clutter and create talkability?
• Is the production cost reasonable and justified from the budget split perspective?


How do we tactically increase revenue with the brand?

• Is my shopper also a consumer?
• What are my shopper’s needs and behavior?
• How do I turn brand awareness into sales?
• What are my sales channel plans to drive revenue?
• Is my messaging adapted to a specific channel or shopping zone?
• How do we support the sales team in their efforts?


How do we create a winning team?

• What is your goal and is it specific enough?
• Who is your perfect Employee Persona?
• What is the message you want to convey to your audience (current & potential employees)?
• Which initiatives would create the best engagement with the message?
• How you use connection points to reach the audience?


  • Make huge useless decks which no one reads in the end
  • Waste your time with endless meetings with no clear agenda and/or output
  • Spam you with tons of pointless e-mails
  • Work for prizes, but rather, for commercial success